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Whether you are looking for an introductory, lower cost didgeridoo handcrafted from PVC and beautifully adorned, or have more of an interest in Australian eucalyptus, or perhaps agave, or even hardwood didgeridoos that have been crafted from some of the finest didgeridoo crafters in the US, I hope that I can help you find exactly what you are looking for.

Beautiful PVC Didgeridoos If you are interested in a didgeridoo but not sure if you're ready to spend top dollar just yet, you may want to consider a synthetic, wonderful sounding, easy to play didgeridoo, handcrafted from the very durable PVC pipe and beautifully transformed into a "musical work of art". Take a look at the selection I have of didgeridoos already painted and priced. Or perhaps you may consider having a Custom didgeridoo created just for you.

Sculpture Didges I've taken didgeridoo adornment to the next level by adding handmade sculptures and gemstones, agate, etc... to my beautiful painted designs. Check them out!

Genuine Termite Hollowed Didgeridoos Are you looking for a genuine eucalyptus didgeridoo with unique artwork? Though my selection of painted eucs is a little, I invite you to have a look at what IS avaliable. Perhaps you may want me to paint your own eucalyptus stick? Or how about checking out my deal with the didgeridoostore, and see how you can custom order the didge you want and have it shipped to me to paint.

Custom Artwork Didgeridoos This is a huge part of my journey in which I have taken great pride in. I have been bringing smiles to people's faces and putting thumps in their hearts, since I began down this road at the turn of the century. I have had lots of success in bringing a great many "dream didges" to life. The heartwarming responses I get from the people I work with, and the friends I make along the way is more gratification than I could ever ask for. I LOVE MY JOB!!!! Come on in and have a look!

Kidgeridoos Kidgeridoos get a page all of their own, though they're not just for kids! They're an ideal size for kids or for beginners, 40" PVC didgeridoos, SUPER EASY to play, ANYONE can be a didgeridoo player! Quickly becoming one of my favorite size didges to make and play. Very fast, rhythmic players.

*A note on my work* The work that I do in decorating didgeridoos comes from deep within my spirit. I, in no way intend for my work to be a copy of authentic Aboriginal artwork, and would NEVER pass it off as that. Though admittedly so, much of the style I have developed is strongly influenced by my love for Aboriginal dot art. Working with dots is such a fascinating form of meditation for me, and my paintings tell a story with their own personalites, they're own character. It is through my own personal discovery of the didgeridoo that I have found my spirit, which ultimately comes through in my art. I would like to think that the work that I do is received as a compliment to the Aboriginal people, (as I have been personally told by David Hudson), and that it will help to bring awareness to this very old and beautiful culture. In all my respect, please join me in giving thanks to the Aboriginals for sharing this wonderful piece of their culture with us. The didgeridoo ~ Namaste`